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How We Invest In You!

Appalachian Travel & Resource invests a percentage of average monthly sales back into 

every business that receives our service. To promote the success of local businesses 

ATR is providing unmatched



To provide such a service, we rely on your merchant service sales. So, the more transactions the better!

As part of our free advertising and marketing, ATR offers Customer Rewards to everyone

just for using your business!

Customers simply submit a receipt for a chance to Cash & Prizes. Each receipt is valued at (1) Entry

& there is NO LIMIT on entries per customer.

Regular customers can easily collect over (20) Entries each month!

Prize values are directly related to average monthly sales.

By promoting your business for free, we hope to show our honest support, but also by increasing your average monthly sales, ATR will be able to provide greater rewards or service rebates.

Merchant Service Discounts are also available along with our Customer Rewards.

Businesses can choose to receive direct rebates to help offset the cost of merchant services & other expenses for even better savings!

ATR Mobile is a brand new Local Business Directory app where customers can easily 

find your business & any other resources they may need!

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